Mexican Die Casting Facility

Pacific Die Casting De Mexico, founded in 2003, has become an additional die casting, machining, and finishing facility for Pacific Die Casting Corporation. Located in Tecate, Mexico it is only a two and a half hour drive from Pacific Die Casting in Commerce, California. The Tecate, Mexico facility is managed by the U.S. operation giving the customer the benefit of both worlds. Quotes, ordering, billing, and engineering remain in English, USD, and originate out of the US facility, while the parts can be manufactured by skilled workers in the lower cost Mexican facility.

Currently at 30,000 sq. ft. and 100 employees, the Mexican location has grown and continues to grow every year. Pacific Die Casting De Mexico has 9 die casting machines which can cast in either aluminum or zinc. Using our premium alloys and cost effective support personnel, operators, secondary workers, and machinists. Pacific Die Casting De Mexico can produce turn key products. Complete with die casting, machining, assembly, quality control, and secondary. This new addition has allowed PDC to continue to offer low prices and remain competitive with overseas manufacturers.

Pacific Die Casting provides customers with an option to move their production to this low-cost facility in Tecate, while still maintaining close U.S. access to their parts. Through experienced US and Mexican manufacturers, quality parts can ship anywhere from either location. Customers can have their low overseas prices without the hidden costs added by extended lead time, broker fees, import fees, traveling expenses, currency exchange rates, etc. Customers can call or email the US or Mexico facility and receive answers or feedback in real time. There is no struggling through language barriers, no cultural misunderstandings, and no reason to wait a day for suppliers in faraway time zones, on the other side of the globe, to wake up.

Tecate is a small border town with a population of about 65,000 and just 25 miles East of Tijuana, Mexico. A customer or potential customer can easily visit the Tecate, Mexico facility by flying into San Diego and driving for 1 hour East through the beautiful Californian countryside. After arriving at the US/Mexico border, the facility is only a 5 minute drive to the South. This allows an ease of access from the US that many customers can appreciate. Business travelers can avoid busy Mexican cities by Getting a hotel on the US side of the border and perhaps spending the night in San Diego.

Pacific Die Casting De Mexico also allows for closer access to other Mexican companies. Whether it is the customer’s Mexican branch or another contracted supplier in Mexico, Pacific Die Casting forms relationships with these partners to allow for on time delivery of quality parts. As a die casting is often only a piece of a larger assembly, Pacific Die Casting works together with large assemblers in big manufacturing cities, such as Guadalajara, Mexicali, and Tijuana.

Pacific Die Casting’s facility in Tecate, Mexico is a great opportunity for companies to get out of the Far East and bring manufacturing closer to home. Leaving behind a smaller global footprint has become a popular goal, and PDC makes it possible for many satisfied customers.

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