The Benefits of Including a Metrology Room in Die Casting Plants

Dimensional quality of the components has become crucial in the die casting process. The presence of a metrology section in die casting companies ensures that the components meet the required dimensional quality in the production for meeting the needs of the customers. In fact, having a section dedicated for metrology is highly beneficial for the entire production process.

Die casters will yield several advantages by including a metrology room into their production plant. A metrology room will become an essential part of the entire production process such as the setting of the machine, control over post-production, die design, and finishing.

Incorporating a metrology into a die casting company will allow the management of several vital activities of the production process. A whole set of tools and modern machinery is required along with advanced software for carrying out inspections and statistics to have total dimensional control over the production process. Below are some of the benefits of including a metrology room in the die casting process.

Monitoring of Production Cycles

Dimensional testing is carried for pieces in the production cycle for ensuring the right quality and measurement of the product. The dimensional and statistic controls are applied to the products in the die casting machine. This will enable the cyclical evaluation of the dimensional quality concerning the product. Moreover, the metrology section will also aid in the constant monitoring of production cycles thereby ensuring the reliability of the process and components.

Rapid Verification of New Projects and Sampling

Repeated dimensional control is essential in the start up or sampling stages of the process for minimizing the costs and time. Including a metrology room in the die casting plant offers real time control and monitoring of the components manufactured. This will be highly useful in quickly verifying the precision of the process and the components. Moreover, this also allows in obtaining real time feedbacks for making the necessary alterations or updates.

Reverse Engineering Components

Reverse engineering is very much required in the components and dies. Carrying out various dimensional measurements will enable in reverse engineering the components more easily. Moreover, reverse engineering will enable in making any corrections or alter the existing structure of the products for enhanced precision and efficiency. The measurements can also aid in carrying out market analysis, rebuilding of components, and verifying the pieces that are already undergoing the production process.