Finishing Processes Used in Zinc Die Casting

The finishing process used in zinc die casting is used to enhance the appearance and performance of a product. For this, the zinc die casting parts are subjected to various types of post-treatment methods. Most of the customers are stuck in this phase of choosing the right die casting finishing process. However, die casting companies can help their customers in choosing the right finishing process right from the design stage.

It is important to carry out various preparations to the product surface prior to the zinc die cast finishing, which is mainly applied for improving the aesthetic quality of the product. Besides, zinc die cast finishing is also used to confer several physical properties to the product such as corrosion resistance, chemical and wear resistance, elimination of flaws, as well as improved electrical conductivity.

The finishing processes are carried out according to the requirements of the customer regarding the aesthetic appearance, durability, and other features of the component.

Finishing Steps in Zinc Die Casting

There are various finishing processes carried out in zinc die casting. These processes are carried out right after the component is ejected from the mold cavity. Below is a brief look at the different phases in zinc die casting.

Deburring Phase

Deburring involves a vibratory process used for rounding of the sharper edges. Besides, is also used to eliminate any burrs, remove flash or debris, as well as smoothen and brighten the component surface. This mechanical deburring operation is subjected to most of the die casting components after they get cast out from the mold.

Applying Surface Conversion Coating

This is another kind of finishing process carried right after the deburring phase. Applying this surface conversion coating can effectively eradicate any of the oil, agents, and debris remaining on the surface. Besides, this coating can also enable the component to act like a preparation treatment and primer if it is painted.

Applying Final Surface Finishing

The application of the final surface finish is the last stages in the finishing of zinc die casting. For this, the component is subjected to numerous treatments to enhance its insulation properties, corrosion resistance, heat dissipation, and performance.

In zinc die casting, the finishing processes are classified into two types – powder coatings and water-based appliances. Some of the common final surface finishes in zinc die casting are:

  • Electroplating – It is the process of electro-depositing of metallic coating on a component surface using electricity. This is a commonly used method providing wear and corrosion resistance to the component.
  • Mechanical Plating – This process is a combination of mechanical and chemical actions to obtain the required thickness in the coating. This method is easy to apply on all part of the surface.
  • Powder Coatings – Powder coating is yet another finishing process used in zinc die casting, intended to create a more uniform and long-lasting finish to the component.