Common Die Casting Finishes Used in the Building Sector

Zinc die casting components and alloy products are widely employed the industrial sector owing to the many advantages of zinc such as accuracy of finished product and lower production cost. While using in construction, numerous surface treatment is needed for the alloys in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the component. This is entirely dependent on the orientation and visibility of the component.

Die casters will utilize other methods that center on the functional aspect of the product if the component is concealed. The surface treatments applied on the zinc alloys play a much larger role in shaping the many of the crucial characteristics of the product such as resistance to wear and tear as well as any aesthetic requirements. Below are some common zinc die casting finishes used for the building sector.


Chroming is one of the widely used die casting finishes for the zinc components. In chroming, the product or component is applied with a chrome coating for enhancing its various functional and aesthetic characteristics. Corrosion resistance and aesthetic finish for the components requires chroming through the application of 30/40 micron of copper. This copper film is important, as it will prevent any chance of corrosion caused due to the succeeding coating of the nickel film.

Galvanic chroming is the last remaining stage of this finishing process that offers the product or component with a shiny appearance. Moreover, it also enhances the resistance of the product or component towards heat, dents, scratches, smoke, abrasion, and vapors.


Gilding is the process used in metal surfaces for enhancing its aesthetic qualities. In this process, the product or component is fully immersed in a galvanic bath and run with electric currents for depositing the material particles on the surface. Gilding also requires the application of copper plating that acts as a preventive coating. This is followed by the application of a nickel and gold flash that offers the shine and color to the material.

White Zinc Plating

White zinc plating is a common die cast finishing technique mostly used on components such as handles, door hinges, and hatches. White zinc plating will aid in enhancing the corrosion resistivity of the components from external agents. With proper white zinc plating, a component can withstand saline mist exposure to about 30 hours.