5 Process Enhancing Products Used by Die Casters

Die casting is a complex process of shaping metals, alloys, and other components into desired shapes. Die casters strictly follow a set of processing steps and seek the help of most modern and intricate machines to ensure that the final product is of superior quality and it meets all the requirements of the customer.

In certain cases, die casters also incorporate the use of multiple process enhancing products when they are die casting a metal. This helps them to significantly improve the operational efficiency of the metal shaping process and increase the strength and durability of the final product. Some of the most common process enhancing products used by die casters are as follows.

Anti-Solder Paste

One of the perennial issues manufacturers experience during die casting operations is solder. What makes this issue far more difficult is that there is no simple technique to remove solder. However, you will be able to remove soldier easily by applying a small amount of anti-soldier paste on the soldered areas in your die.

Hot Spot Greases

Most of the die casting companies across the world like to use die lubricants and hot spot greases. While die lubricants grant extra solder protections to the die, hot spot greases help die casters to easily remove the localized hot spots in the die without wasting too much money.

Pin Lubricants

The slides, core pins, and ejector pins in the die should be smoothly removed in order to make the most out of the die casting machines. This is where pin lubricants can be of great help to die casters. These types of lubricants form a lubricious film on the surfaces of the die without creating any kind of unwanted buildup.

Quench Compounds

The casting that is ejected from the die cast machine is often quenched in a water tank to quickly cool it. The presence of heat, oxygen, metal, and water might increase the chances of corrosion on the surface of the cast. However, adding quench compounds to the water tank will prevent the chances of surface corrosion.

Corrosion Preventers

Die casters usually keep aside a number of dies in order to use them according to the production schedule. Storing these dies without corrosion preventers is not a wise idea, as the surface of the die may corrode, which in turn makes the die unsuitable for use. This is why it is best to use corrosion preventers when you are storing dies.