3 Fascinating Facts about Aluminum Die Casting

Most of the aluminum die castings are extremely lightweight and they are capable of withstanding greater operational temperatures when compared to other die cast alloys. This is the major reasons why several die casting companies love to work with aluminum alloys.

In addition to that, most of the aluminum alloys have outstanding corrosion resistance, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and they are also fully recyclable. These attributes of aluminum alloys allows die casters to easily shape metals into the desired shape with ease. This in turn makes aluminum alloys an ideal choice for die casting operations.

However, several people are not aware of the fact that aluminum is the second most abundant metallic element in the crust of Earth. Moreover, aluminum is also pretty much easy to fold, mold, and recycle. Below are a few interesting facts about aluminum that you might not know.

Two Types of Aluminum

The first and most important thing you should realize is that there are two different types of aluminum, that is primary aluminum and secondary aluminum. Primary production can be referred as the process by which new aluminum is produced whereas secondary production is the process in which existing aluminum is recycled into a usable form. The latter process is approximately 92 percent more energy efficient when compared to the former production process.

Extremely Lightweight

One of the fascinating features of aluminum and its alloys is that they are extremely lightweight. In fact, the weight of aluminum is a lot less when compared to copper and steel. The lightweight property of aluminum allows die casters to designs finished products with greater design capabilities. As a result, most expert die casters usually incorporate the use of aluminum alloys when they want to produce lightweight finished parts for automobile, boating, or aircraft industries.

Aluminum is Getting Stronger

Several scientists have been constantly trying to find ways through which they can improve the strength of aluminum and there are plenty of different mixes of aluminum available in the market with greater strengths. You should also note that a recent experiment conducted by a professor and his collogues from the North Carolina State University resulted in the formation of an aluminum that was strong as steel. The increase in strength of aluminum and its alloys will help die casters to produce finished metal parts with greater strengths.