Aluminum Light Fixture Types

Light fixtures and parts are electrical devices that are used to offer artificial lighting in offices and houses. Usually, Aluminum is used in manufacturing die cast light fixtures, as the process is much economic than other methods.

Light fixtures can be broadly classified into outdoor lighting and indoor lighting. A lighting fixture unit consists of a light source, a reflector to direct the light offered by the light source, an aperture that may or may not have a lens, and an outer shell or housing unit to align the lamp and to offer protection to the lamp from the weather elements.

There can also be electric ballast if needed and wire connections to the power supply. Wide ranges of special die cast light fixtures are manufactured to be used in medical lighting, marine lighting, automotive lighting, and aerospace lighting industries.

Types of Light Fixtures

Portable or Free Standing – These are usual lighting fixtures that are used in table lightings and office lightings.

Downlight Cans – This is a jargon used for inexpensive down light products. These lighting products will be recessed in the ceiling. These lightings are named so because of the shape of the housing for the light fixture.

Recessed Light Fixture – In this type of light fixture, the protective housing of the fixture will be concealed behind a wall or a ceiling and only the lighting fixture will be exposed.

Surface-Mounted Light – In this type of light fixture, the fixture housing will not be concealed but exposed.

Troffer Lighting – These are usually recessed fluorescent lights, and the name comes from the combination of words coffer and trough.

Sconce Lighting – This type of lighting offers down or up lights and is usually used to illuminate portraits and art works or to emphasize architectural details. This lighting is also used as an alternative to overhead lights.

Cove Light – These are lighting fixtures that are recessed into the ceiling of the room in a long box.

Under-Cabinet Lighting – These are lights usually used in cabinets and are mostly found mounted below kitchen cabinets.

Pathway Lighting – This lighting is typically mounted in the ground. Pathway lighting is mainly used to illuminate paths and walkways.

Outdoor Bollards – This is a type of architectural outdoor lighting. The fixture is short and will be installed upright on the ground to offer lighting to walkways, steps, and other pathways.